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Alternate to clutch

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    Dear all,
    I need to find alternate to clutch mechanism
    Is there anything similar to alternate clutch part....?
    That one could be automated one not to be manually operate....

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    What are you trying to drive? How big and much force does the clutch need to be able to transmit? How smooth do you need engagement to be?
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    For better understanding i have attached the layout.
    hope you got it


    Attachment cannot made.....
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    Again trying....server down notifications....
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    Any clutch needs to be able to transmit torque and be able to make and break the connection between the driving motor and the driven shaft under various loads and rpm. The friction clutch does this quite well, yet it somehow strikes me as being a crude device. The only alternative that I know of is the non-contact magnetic clutch. However, I just don’t know enough about it, such as cost, available torgue, speed of engagement/disengagement, to know if it is a viable alternative in the automobile. Other than magnetic force and direct friction contact force, I cannot think of anything else that can be used as a clutch.
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    have you heard of electromagnetic fluid.. viscosity changes with the amount of current applied to it.. what is the application or what kind of clutch ore you trying to replace I have 15 years exp working with trans missions and drive lines
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    hydraulic couplings!!!
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    Thanks to all for the suggestions

    I will get back to all with my detailed layout.


    Attachment is still problem?
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