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Alternate to standard tensile for determining young's modulus & yield

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    Hi All,

    I have been working on a product development project and have run into a snag that I was hoping I could get some advice on. We need to determine the mechanical properties of a thin-walled nickel tube. Specifically young's modulus and yield strength.

    The current wall thickness of the tubes we are working with is approximately 0.010 inches but we will eventually be producing and testing tubes with wall thicknesses closer to 0.0015 inches. We have been experimenting with different means of measuring the mechanical properties of the tube and have recent heard about the use of nano-indentation testing. From what I've read, it is widely accepted that the sample young's modulus can be determined by this method but stress-strain data and properties like yield strength are not as commonly mentioned.

    Does anyone know of someone/somewhere that specialises in nano-indentation testing? Or is there other potential methods that will let us obtain the properties we need?

    Any input on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Regards,

    Jesse McDaniel
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    Try these examples for now.

    http://www.microphotonics.com/nht.html [Broken]

    http://www.csm-instruments.com/frames/nanohard.html [Broken]

    http://www.csm-instruments.com/frames/bullet/nhtapp.html [Broken]

    I have some contacts who have done testing of tensile properties using microscale specimens. So I will try to get some more information.
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    Sorry about the long delay. Finding the useful stuff takes a while.

    A good source is a journal Experimental Mechanics.

    For example - http://exm.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/43/3/228 [Broken], Experimental Mechanics.2003; 43: 228-237.

    William N. Sharpe, Jr.
    Department of Mechanical Engineering, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Maryland. sharpe@jhu.edu


    See also - http://www.atc-ssm.com/PDF/MTA-14A.pdf [Broken] (Fahmy M. Haggag and Glenn E. Lucas, "Determination of Lüders Strains and Flow Properties in Steels from Hardness / Microhardness Tests", METALLURGICAL TRANSACTIONS A,VOLUME 14A, AUGUST 1983, 1607) It's rather dated though.

    Another possible source - Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance

    Also, Google on { "small specimen","tensile testing" }
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    Thanks for the input. I had already contacted some nano-indenter manufacturers but some of the three you suggested weren't on my original list. I have actually been in contact with Fahmy Haggag, the author of one of the papers you cited. Based on some discussions I've had I am growing concerned about the validity of getting stress data from ball indentation tests. A lot of people seem to be just curve fitting hardness data to traditional unaxial tension data of known samples. The lead from Johns Hopkins may prove fruitful, thank you.

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