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Alternate univeres right next to each other?

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    Before i start writing this forum if your reading this and u notice that i said something incorrectley please tell me so. According to string theory strings can strech out into branes which make up universes. String theory also says that the big bang got its energy from when two branes banged into each other. But if we have other universes right next to us in another dimension, what stops them from banging into us or surrounding universes all the time?
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    you mean that there is no atmosphere to slow the branes before they collide???

    thing is, we can't say that this isn't happening every day, or second, have you ever seen the creation of a universe???
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    In short: Brane theory is only one tribe in the string theory family. Brane collision is not a universally held theory. Also, both string and brane theory are primarily theoretical constructs that "could" explain things. I don't believe that there is a good theory within Brane Theory to explain why other universes are not colliding into our own other than that it is on another Brane which is not on a collision course.
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    well if there is an atmosphere or somthing to stop 2 branes from colliding they obviousley found someway to break through that froce or there would have been no energy for the creation of the universe, and what im getting at is that if this could have happened once, whats to stopping it from happening again, why hasnt it happened again, if it did there would have been a new big bang and who knows what would have happend to us.
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