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Homework Help: Alternating current wave prob

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    alternating current wave prob......

    assume the wave is sinusoidal. suppose that each horizontal division (13) represents 1.0 ns and that each vertical division (11) represents 1 mV. what is the approx. rms voltage?

    please help me solve this.

    i am not so sure how to find rms, and if you do please explain it.

    thank you.
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    Look at the example for RMS current.

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    Were you trying to post some waveform? 11/13/etc. Whatever. If you want the RMS, just use the Vpp measurement to get you there. Vp= sqrt(2)*Vrms, Vpp = 2*sqrt(2)(Vrms)

    EDIT -- If you want a more complete explanation of RMS versus Vpp, we can oblige.
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    what is the Vp measurement? and how does it related to rms?
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