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Homework Help: Alternating current

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    When the generator produces electricity,during the revolutions of the coil,the voltage induced is changing.If the voltage supply of a certain country is 110V, will the voltage supplied is NOT 110V sometimes?

    Also, the current induced when the coil is set vertically,will the appliance stop working temporarily?
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    If the rotating coil sweeps thru the magnetic field,
    then the +/- charges can be separated by B ...
    by q v x B Lorentz Force on + and - charges.

    I don't know what you mean by "coil set vertically".

    In the US, the AC Voltage is "supposed to be" 110V.

    The magnetic field, number of coils, and rotation rate
    are set up to produce that Voltage.
    Which do you think changes when there's a big load?

    If V_peak at the generator is the same, how could
    V_peak at the home be less?
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