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Alternating Series Question

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    Prove that [tex] \sum^{∞}_{n=1}(-1)^{n} [/tex] diverges.

    I realized that the alternating series test can only be used for convergence and not necessarily for divergence. I might have to apply a ε-δ proof (Yikes!) which I have never been good at so please help me out.

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    What about the sequence of terms?
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    Hmm good point. If we can prove the sequence does not converge to 0, we have proved that the series diverges. How can we do that? Shall I look at the limit definition and look for an ε that invokes a necessary contradiction?

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    Yep, looks like a good plan. Try to do that.
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    Look at the Nth term test for divergence.
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    Seems to me the simplest thing to do is to show that the sequence of "partial sums",
    [itex]S_n= \sum_{i= 1}^n (-1)^n[/itex]
    does not converge.
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