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Alternative energy related gifts

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    Here is a cheesy question. I have a brother who does alternative energy research and hopes to get a job in the field when he graduates this year. (His specific area is something called "enhanced geothermal".) I am trying to figure out if there is some sort of Christmas present I could give him that would somehow be themed after or relevant to alternative energy technology or just energy technology in general. Like, for example, is there a magazine I could give him a subscription to, or an engineering society it would make sense to get him a membership in, or anything of the sort that comes to mind? (Other than "maybe some kind of magazine subscription?" I do not have a very clear idea what I am thinking of here.)
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    A lump of coal.
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    Well played.
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    Like your brother, I am a bit of an alternative energy nut. Except my area is fuel cells and hydrogen infrastructure instead of advanced geothermal. I think a good gift would be alternative energy apparel such as a geothermal t-shirt(s) or something. For example;


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    There are all kinds of solar powered devices on the market. My current :smile: favorite is the solar security lights. You can mount them about anywhere and no wires are needed.
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