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Alternative Energy

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    The alternative energy forum

    With my limited knowledge of magnetism and electricity/electronics I envision creating 2 sets of magnetic disks rotating on a axle made of glass of other material with little friction.

    The bottom magnets arranged with one pole facing the center of the disk on a slightly up-angle and the top disc vice versa. This would cause the two sets of magnets to repel each other and because they would continually rotate coils placed next to the magnets would have eclectric current flowing through it.

    To ensure the magnetic fields would not negate each other another magnet can be placed (or two) on top of the disks which would be repelled upwards by the more powerful magnets of the disks. This would cause enough variation in the magnetic fields as to have a constant imbalance thus guarantee the continuous motion of the disks. Gravity will keep pulling to top magnet down and the disks would push it up and each other away from themselves thus continuous motion takes place thus free clean limitless energy.

    I shall call this The Illuminati Effect

    Maximus Illuminati

    My Alternative Energy Blog can be found here
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    Why didn't I think of that?
    Hey! Someone call up the Nobel Committee. I'm gonna go tell the Electric Company to stick this bill up their outlet.
    This is the moment they always talk about in Star Trek, no more poverty, no more fighting over oil. Let's dance and sing and leave all the lights on.
    This is what Physics Forums is all about. Making the world a better place for our fellow man.
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    a limitless supply of eclectric energy. HOOOray. oh, wait a minute. eclectric? what the hell am I supposed to do with all this extra eclectric energy? Hey, can someone out there invent a light bulb that runs on eclectric energy? Please! Before the Electric company gets my letter. Someone could have pointed this out to me before I made a jerk of myself. Someone could have pointed out that in this case eclectric means "imbues an object with the amazing ability to have mass, and inertia and gravity."
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    Ooops. Sorry about that. I am very dislexic :D It should read "ELECRIC" :D
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    Much better! Put in that call to the Nobel Committee again. It's ELECRIC, not Eclectic. Hope they haven't sanded your name off the trophy already.
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