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Alternative Fuels; Gasoline to LPG conversion

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    I recently read an article in an offroad magazine to convert gasoline engines to propane.

    I was wondering if anyone would have any clue about where to find more info on this subject. I've found a rather dated Do It yourself guide http://www.wps.com/LPG/lpg-how-to-book.html#BEFORE%20YOU%20BUILD [Broken] Anyhow, as Hank Hill has taught us, propane is a clean gas, its plentiful, and alot cheaper.

    I've got an old Datsun pickup with a 2.2l 4 cylinder. I thought this would be a perfect candidate for a propane conversion. There is plenty of room under the hood, and plenty of room in the bed for tanks and such.

    It seems all that is needed is a different carb. I would also like to find out if it would be possible to convert a fuel injected vehicle to run of propane.

    Any information would be appreciated.

    So far I've noticed Impco seems to sell do it yourself kits, I was just wondering if others thought this a reasonable waste of time?
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    I had a Plymouth Sundance with a 2.5L 4-cyl. that all I had to do is remove the fuel pump fuse, and send propane into one of the vacuum hoses and it would run just like on gasoline.

    Might be worth a try... :)
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    Typically you will need a different carburetor (much simpler than gasoline) and a regulator/vaporizer. The vaporizer runs engine coolant through it to heat the liquid propane to the vapor state. The regulator portion simply meters in the correct amount of propane. There is NO mechanical connection between the regulator and the throttle. There IS a conventional butterfly valve for the throttle. There may or may not be a choke. There sometimes is a primer button that may or may not be electrically actuated.
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    I’ve now a '93 Plymouth Duster that I’m converting to run dual fuel with propane. Information on what I find will be posted on my site forums:
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    I hope you all will post how it turns out!
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