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    America is always alleged freedom of speech. America is always claimed raging war was only done to free the world. America’s media always claimed showing the truth.
    You know what?!
    You’ve always been deceived, and you will remain deceived until you learn what the other side’s views are.
    We cannot bring you everything to your door steps, you have to step up to the plate and look for the truth.
    However, we can tell you that the Mujahedeen have opened the door for you to learn what the American and British governments are trying to hide away from you.

    Follow this link and you’ll know what we’re talking about: edit:this is a personal blog, edited out

    Don’t be scared, the page is not going to blow up on you. You can either think with your right mind, or keep Bush and Blair thinking for you, it’s your choice.
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    Tom Mattson

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    Frankly, it seems to me that you are the deceived one. First of all, the site your link points to is nothing but a listing of the violence going on in Iraq. Putting a religious spin on it and glorifying it does nothing to change the fact that it is essentially the same reporting the same facts that our American media outlets report. Do you honestly believe that our media doesn't report on the bombings that happen over there? If so, you're sorely mistaken. A quick Google News search on "Iraqi violence" turned up 29,000 results.

    Secondly, have you really deluded yourself into believing that we let Bush and Blair think for us? The Iraqi War is massively unpopular in both the US and the UK, and Bush and Blair are at some of the worst approval ratings in their respective terms. But I guess it's easier to hate America if you believe that all 300 million Americans support the president.

    On a side note, as I typed out "religious spin and glorifying it," do you know what I realized? You are exactly like George W. Bush. He does the exact same thing. Granted, he comes at it from a different religion and different angle, but the basic principle is still the same.
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