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Alternative science: GRAVITATION 101

  1. Nov 7, 2006 #1
    The Hypergeometrical Universe Theory might seem like a non-serious
    theory since it proposes a non-orthodox solution to the paradoxes of
    Cosmology (non-constantness of the Hubble constant, the homogeneity of
    the Cosmic Microwave Background etc)... but Nature is oftentimes

    My theory proposes the the Universe rides and is the 4-Dimensional
    Hyperspherical Shock-Wave resulting from the decay of the initial
    Super-Symmetrical 4-Dimensional Spatial Deformation Event.
    Super-Symmetrical is mean here in the sense that the physical
    dimensions of this deformational state were above the supersymmetry
    conditions. The supersymmetry conditions in my theory refers to the
    maximum dimension where spin-zero and non-zero spin particles behave
    equally to the intervening spacetime waves.

    Matter is modeled as coherences between states in a 4-Dimensional
    Rotating Doulble Potential Well. The coherence time is matched to the
    lifetime of a particle while the spin is matches to the actual tumbling
    of that particle as it travels outwards in the proposed
    four-dimensional hyperspherical shock-wave expansion.

    There is no need for Dark Energy to explain the expansion state of the
    Universe. It is just a imediate result of the geometry.

    With the addition of the Radial fourth-dimension, it is easy to realize
    that motion is always at the speed of light and that the motion we are
    so concerned (along the 3-D manifold) is just a change of direction of
    the primary trajectory. This explain clearly why the speed of light is
    the fastest speed in the 3-D Universe. It would corresponding to the
    particle to ride a perpendicular wave resulting in an interference
    pattern traveling at 45 degrees.

    >From the spacetime waves generated from the coherences (particles or

    dilators), I was able to replicate Gravitation and Electromagnetism
    through the creation of a new Physics, that is, a physics that is based
    on a new Lagrangian Principle. This principle states that the dilators
    travel always in phase with the surrounding spacetime waveforms. This
    simple principle is easy to use. Just calculate the total waveform in
    the particle position and find its nearest next positive interference.

    Gravitation and Electromagnetism differs not by the Nature of the force
    but by the Nature of the Force Response. Gravitation affects zero spin
    particles (e.g. Hydrogen atom) while electromagnetism affects non-zero
    spin particles (e.g. Proton and Electron).

    The difference is that zero spin particle do not spin (tumble) as they
    travel outwards in the hyperspherical expansion. This means that they
    couple to hypersuperficial waves (3-D hypersurface) and that their
    k-vector only changes direction at the level as the k-vector of the
    Hypersurfa changes from position to position. Remember that this is a
    15 Billion Light Years "Hypersphere", so a change in position will
    ellicit only a very small change in the direction of propagation, thus
    the resulting acceleration would be very small, thus the small strength
    of Gravitation.

    Non-Zero Spin particle spin (tumble) and that couples allows them to
    couple to hypervolumetric wave modes. This also means that from
    expansion step to expansion step, they change their k-vector freely and
    thus the change is much larger than the change in the previously
    described situation. That is why for the same field, there are
    different results.

    This is a real unification.

    The part associated with Gravitation is described at Gravitation 101 in
    my blog. Full details on the derivation are presented in the papers on
    the site.

    Have fun and feel free to ask questions...:)

    http://hypergeometricaluniverse.blogspot.com/2006/07/gravitation-101_115361797777165070.html [Broken]
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