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Alternative science: Re: 'Dark Matter'-where is it?

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    Alternative science: Re: 'Dark Matter'--where is it?

    gh diel Wrote:

    > If dark matter constitutes the vast percentage of the universe, why is
    > it not found all around us? R. H. Nigl, www.exoptica.com

    Nigl, there are amny such questions or phenomena. See one below
    Einstein speculated E =mc2 from L =mc2 in Sep. 1905 : Ajay Sharma

    Einstein did not derive E=mc2 in 1905 , but speculated it from Light
    energy mass equation L =mc2. In derivation of L=mc2 Einstein used

    l* = l{1 – v/c cos φ } /√[1 – v2 /c2]

    which he has given in June 1905 paper.
    Using this as central equation Einstein obtained equation
    L=mc2 (1)
    under special conditions (when emits TWO light wave, of equal MAGNITUDE
    , exactly in opposite directions , relative velocity v is in classical
    region ).
    Then Einstein replaced L (light energy ) by E (( every energy i.e.
    light energy, heat energy ,sound energy , electrical energy , energy in
    form of invisible radiations etc ) and thus SPECULATED
    E=mc2. (2)
    Such an important equation ( INTER CONVERSION OF MASS –ENERGY ) should
    have valid and well defined derivation.
    When it is done then result is
    dE =Ac2 dm
    when A is coefficient of proportionality like numerous existing in

    References of Einstein’s work
    A.Einstein, Annalen der Physik 18 (1905) 639-641. .
    Weblink is
    Einstein’s 27 Sep 1905 paper available at
    References of Ajay Sharma’s work

    My work is available at
    http://www.burningbrain.org/pdf/ajaysharma_einstein.pdf [Broken]
    For details

    International Conferences
    It has been accepted for presentation over 55 conferences all over the

    --------------------------------------few of them
    1. Sharma, A. presented in 19th International Conference on the
    Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry , 20-25
    August , 2006 Fort Worth Texas, USA

    2. A. Sharma, Abstract Book 38th European Group of Atomic Systems
    Euro physics Conference) Isachia (Naples) Italy (2006) 53.

    3. A. Sharma , Abstract Book , A Century After Einstein Physics 2005 ,

    10-14 April 2005 ( Organizer Institute of Physics , Bristol )
    University of Warwick , ENGLAND

    4. A. Sharma presented in 5th British gravity Conference , OXFORD

    5. A. Sharma,. Proc. Int. Conf. on Computational Methods in
    Sciences and Engineering 2003 World Scientific Co. USA ,
    (2003) 585.

    6. A. Sharma, Proc. Int. Conf. on Number, Time, Relativity United
    Physical Society of Russian Federation, Moscow , (2004) 81
    plus more
    This paper is published in journal
    Physics Essays , CANADA
    I will be published in 2007 Galilean Electrodynamics, Massachusetts,
    In parts it is published in various others journals.
    Book 100 Years of E=mc2
    For details

    AJAY SHARMA 12 Sep

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