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Alternative science: Re: 'Dark Matter'-where is it?

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    Alternative science: Re: 'Dark Matter'--where is it?

    gh diel Wrote:

    > If dark matter constitutes the vast percentage of the universe, why is
    > it not found all around us? R. H. Nigl, www.exoptica.com

    Nigl, there are amny such questions or phenomena. See one below
    Einstein speculated E =mc2 from L =mc2 in Sep. 1905 : Ajay Sharma

    Einstein did not derive E=mc2 in 1905 , but speculated it from Light
    energy mass equation L =mc2. In derivation of L=mc2 Einstein used

    l* = l{1 – v/c cos φ } /√[1 – v2 /c2]

    which he has given in June 1905 paper.
    Using this as central equation Einstein obtained equation
    L=mc2 (1)
    under special conditions (when emits TWO light wave, of equal MAGNITUDE
    , exactly in opposite directions , relative velocity v is in classical
    region ).
    Then Einstein replaced L (light energy ) by E (( every energy i.e.
    light energy, heat energy ,sound energy , electrical energy , energy in
    form of invisible radiations etc ) and thus SPECULATED
    E=mc2. (2)
    Such an important equation ( INTER CONVERSION OF MASS –ENERGY ) should
    have valid and well defined derivation.
    When it is done then result is
    dE =Ac2 dm
    when A is coefficient of proportionality like numerous existing in

    References of Einstein’s work
    A.Einstein, Annalen der Physik 18 (1905) 639-641. .
    Weblink is
    Einstein’s 27 Sep 1905 paper available at
    References of Ajay Sharma’s work

    My work is available at
    For details

    International Conferences
    It has been accepted for presentation over 55 conferences all over the

    --------------------------------------few of them
    1. Sharma, A. presented in 19th International Conference on the
    Applications of Accelerators in Research and Industry , 20-25
    August , 2006 Fort Worth Texas, USA

    2. A. Sharma, Abstract Book 38th European Group of Atomic Systems
    Euro physics Conference) Isachia (Naples) Italy (2006) 53.

    3. A. Sharma , Abstract Book , A Century After Einstein Physics 2005 ,

    10-14 April 2005 ( Organizer Institute of Physics , Bristol )
    University of Warwick , ENGLAND

    4. A. Sharma presented in 5th British gravity Conference , OXFORD

    5. A. Sharma,. Proc. Int. Conf. on Computational Methods in
    Sciences and Engineering 2003 World Scientific Co. USA ,
    (2003) 585.

    6. A. Sharma, Proc. Int. Conf. on Number, Time, Relativity United
    Physical Society of Russian Federation, Moscow , (2004) 81
    plus more
    This paper is published in journal
    Physics Essays , CANADA
    I will be published in 2007 Galilean Electrodynamics, Massachusetts,
    In parts it is published in various others journals.
    Book 100 Years of E=mc2
    For details

    AJAY SHARMA 12 Sep

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