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Alternative theories

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    Does any one know of / thought of or considered alternative theories to the present theory of particles forming the basis of all matter?

    On the other hand does any one have any doubts as to the validity of the particle theory.

    I am aware that a lot of phenomena have been explained on the basis of the particle theory, but I guess it would be alright to express doubt in the Scepticism and debunking forum...
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    String would not be a particle theory the same goes for Quantum loop.
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    i found a good way of putting this question on the 'unanswered questions in physics' page in wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unsolved_problems_in_physics

    Is a complete understanding of particle physics sufficient to fully understand all physical phenomena, or are there emergent phenomena in physics whose existence cannot be definitively predicted from a complete understanding of the fundamental particles and forces that govern the universe?

    ... i dont know the answer by the way :biggrin:, just puttin the question out there..
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    Yes, I have my own theories about that (see http://home.online.no/~avannieu/darkmatter/ check first and last link).

    Rudi Van Nieuwenhove
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