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Alternative theory

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    Is there any other theory except for the big bang which explains the origin of the universe satisfactorily and which has not been ruled out as yet?
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    Big Bang cosmology doesn't currently explain the origin of the universe --- it mostly addresses how the universe expanded subsequently.
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    i thought that the big bang continues by the reunion of black holes in one big black hole that would explode when reaching the critical mass starting the universe again.

    modern scientists cant explain the perfect tuning of the universal constants that allow the starts to last that much or that permit life to exist. So they have three choices: accept the existence of a creator that sets this constants or accept the existence of more than one universe with different universal constants

    anyhow understanding the creation of the universe is something beyond our capacities since we can even really understand something as common as "infinite"

    myself i vow not to think about these things anymore, last time i almost got totally nuts
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    There are some theories that speculate whether a Big Bang could be the result of a previous Big Crunch, but we really have no idea whether this is true. The current evidence suggests that our universe will not recollapse into a Big Crunch, but that doesn't say whether there has been an earlier one.

    No, that's hardly true.

    People don't even agree on whether fine-tuning is something that needs to be explained, if life was simply an accident. We don't even know whether there really is any "fine-tuning for life" -- there may be fine-tuning for our kind of life, but who knows what kind of life might arise in a very different kind of universe? And if our universe is so "fine-tuned for life", then why is over 99.99999% of it uninhabitable to us?

    For that matter, the fine-tuning argument only makes sense if you assume that the constants could have taken on other values; it's possible that the laws of physics only allow certain values. And even if many values are allowed, you still don't have to resort to "many universes"; it could be that the constants in our universe are, while not inevitable, at least probable.

    If you hunt through the talkorigins.org site, you can find numerous discussions of this topic. The first three relevant links that Google gives me are:


    Anyway, alternative that fine-tuning can be construed as evidence for a creator is flawed; see, for instance, this probabilistic analysis:


    By the way, I didn't see a third choice among the possibilities you listed.

    Mathematicians can think and reason about the nature of infinity, and physicists can think and reason about the nature of the origin of the universe. We don't know whether any of our ideas are right, but it's not literally inconceivable.
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