Chernobyl Alternative to generators to prevent the Chernobyl disaster

I don't know for sure but as a sidepoint I think convection circulation (circulation due to heat differences in different parts of the primary coolant circuit) is mainly possible for cores where the core itself is vertical , that would include a PWR a BWR and also RBMK because each channel is like a small core with its own fuel assembly/heat source and water would tend to rise to the top as it gets hotter even without forced circulation,
Does this work for CANDU cores?

because they are horizontal and from what I imagine the water would get heated evenly across the length of each pressure channel since each channel is horizontal,
i couldn't find a real schematic of a CNADU primary loop but from what I imagine both the inlet and the outlet tubes connecting to each of the horizontal pressure channels are at the same height for the same pressure channel at each end of the core.

Any expert knowledge on this issue? I find it interesting.


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