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Alternative universes

  1. Sep 21, 2013 #1
    If there are parallel universes then there must be an existence where everything is towards evil, rather than good and the norm is juxtaposed? Pls explain???
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    "Evil" and "good" are not physics terms (they're not even scientific terms, at least not in the natural sciences). So, I am sorry, your question is not a physics question :wink:.
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    that's a BIG "if". There is absolutely no evidence for alternate universes. If you are interested in science, I suggest that you study some science. If your interest is philosophy or metaphysics, this forum will not be much help to you.
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    If there are an infinite number of universe, such as in the multiverse of M-theory, then there will indeed be universes like you suggested. In the multiverse model, universes of every possible kind will exist (providing the laws of physics of that particular universe can themselves be achieved) - because M-theory allows for universes with different physical constants to our own. According to M-theory, something like 10^500 universes with different physical laws are possible.

    If the multiverse exists, at least with the M-theory version, the universes you refer to as being 'parallel' won't share similarities with our universe due to an intrinsic connection, but rather because the multiverse allows for an infinite number of universes, and therefore an infinite number of possibilities. So no matter how low the probability of another universe being atom to atom identical to ours, or the exact opposite, it is inevitable to occur. And with an infinite number of universes in the multiverse, every possible universe will occur an infinite number of times.

    Very interesting stuff, but it's important not to get caught up in this, while it is extremely mind blowing and exciting to ponder on it, there is a long way to go before anything is set in concrete. :tongue:
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    This isn't science.
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