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Alternatives to Labview?

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    I've used Labview once or twice in the past, and wasn't very impressed by it.

    Has anyone here used pythics or pylab-works, or know of any other comparable software? If so, do you have any comments about what's good or bad about it?
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    I have to disagree with # 1 and 2. Both those things are possible.

    I took over an experiment that used labVIEW about 5 yrs ago. I had used it in college and hated it. But I was forced to use it or rewrite the whole thing (trust me, the thought crossed my mind...). They've made great improvements in later versions and LabVIEW 2011 is really great. I sometimes wonder why I ever didn't like it (and then I try to write a simply conditional statement and wish for simple line code).

    My other alternative is Matlab. If you are going to go with GUI, wire-based programming, you ought to stick with the guys who have been hard at it and making it work for over a decade. Otherwise, jump ship completely and go with line based code. Give Matlab a shot.
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