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Alternatives to LaTek?

  1. Mar 23, 2004 #1
    Hey guys, does anyone know of any good alternatives to LaTek? It seems like one has to invest a decent amount of time just to learn LaTek. I was wondering if there are some easier alternatives.
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    In my opinion, you have two alternatives -- typesetting commands or pulling down menus.

    To me, pulling down menus is easier to get started, but becomes increasingly tedious and slow.

    With that in mind, have you considered a GUI front-end for LaTeX that provides pull-down capability, like WinEDT? I think WinEDT, coupled with LaTeX, is very easy to learn.

    Commands are better, even if they require a little memory on part of the user. And there is no better command-driven typesetting utiltiy than LaTeX.

    And if it takes some time to learn, so what? Isn't that time well spent?
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