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Alternatives to PF?

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    I'm doing a course on Solid State Physics and the textbook doesn't have a solutions manual. From what I've understood from previous students, the textbook does a great job of explaining the concepts but the problems are very hard and the textbook doesn't prepare you for them. My professor's office hours is only 2 hours a week in one time slot, and we don't have any tutorials for this course so the only help I can get is from the professor (which is minimal at best because I don't want to wait a week for feedback). The homework is mandatory and will be checked so I can't use another textbook. My only option is to use homework help services which are not reliable as they're a voluntary service. I feel like my best best is to gather as many of these services as possible. I'm aware of jiskha.com and allaboutcircuits.com but are there any others? I guess my other option is to hire a tutor.
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    When you drive a Ferrari you don't ask about alternative cars. PF is the Ferrari. If you want to know about Chevrolet, Ford or Kia then yes we can tell you about these places, but why when you have a Ferrari? :)
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    Turion, if you're not certain of a member's answers, check to see if they are designated a Homework Helper or Science Advisor. These members have a good track record of correct answers. When you hire a tutor, there is no guarantee that they won't make mistakes, and usually don't have anyone looking at everything they do, as is usually the case here.
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