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Homework Help: Alum Crystal Growing question

  1. Oct 12, 2009 #1
    My teacher this year assigned us to do an alum crystal growing lab by ourselves, so we find the procedure and do a related theory all by ourselves. In my group i was doing half of the related theory and i basically had questions i had to answer.

    The question i am stuck on is, "5. Once the crystal is growing, it may be a good idea to "clean" the monocrystal surface. Why is this important? And how does one "clean" the crystal?"

    I know it is important because if i dont do it the crystal will continue to grow on the imperfections and make them more promenant and harder to remove.

    I also figured out what to look for when cleaning the surface and what to do,

    Each time the solution is saturated, it is a good idea to "clean" the monocrystal surface, by

    - making sure the crystal is dry,

    - not touching the crystal with your fingers (hold only by the suspending line if possible),

    - removing any "bumps" on the surface due to extra growth,

    - removing any small crystals from the line.

    The thing i dont know is the 'how' How do i clean the surface, what do i use to remove the bumps. I was thinking something like a toothpick or a q-tip thats been dipped in 60C water so that when it touches the bumps it dissolves them.

    Is there any advice, does anyone have the answer?
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