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Aluminium casting

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    Hi all, im after some materials based help please.

    Im trying to re-profile part of an intake runner on an aluminium cylinder head. Wanting longevity, ive opted against the usual route of using epoxy resin to build up a specific area.
    Basically i would like to try and fill the section (or rather part of it) with more aluminium.

    Now, to eliminate any likeness issues with grade/alloy type, I plan on using a sample taken from another casting as the filler.
    My question is this: If I pour the molten aluminium alloy into the area of work, which will be at room temperature will it bond with the existing casting? or is it likely to just pool and soldify without bonding with the aluminium ibelow it?

    To put it in perspective, the quantity we are talking would be approx. half an egg cup.

    Can anyone envisage any other issues? contamination? air pockets?

    Any information would be greatly recieved/comments.
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    It is not going to work. The molten Al will freeze instantly upon contact with the cold metal. Then just pray that there is no moisture present, a molten Al explosion could result. This not recommended.
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    I agree, it's not going to stick. You can build up the area with weld material and then shape it/cut it back to the proper profile.
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