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Aluminium molten at 1000 degrees

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    Question What colour would molten aluminium be if its daylight at 1000 degrees

    the reason is wether this is true or not

    ''The approximate temperature of a hot metal is given by its color, quite independent of the composition of the metal. (A notable exception is aluminum, which due to low emissivity and high reflectivity appears silvery-gray in daylight conditions, at all temperatures whether in solid or liquid forms. Aluminum does incandesce like other metals, but faintly, so that in broad daylight conditions in air''
    We note that aluminum has many free electrons, so it reflects ambient light very well – and it appears silvery. Aluminum at about 1000 C will emit yellow light (incandescence) the same as iron, but in daylight (as on the morning of 9/11/2001), the molten aluminum would appear silvery due to high reflectivity combined with low emissivity''
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