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Homework Help: Aluminum calorimeter problem

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    "An aluminum calorimeter with a mass of 100g contains 250g of water. The calorimeter and water are in thermal equilibrium at 10.0Degree C. Two metalic blocks are placed into the water. One is a 50g peice of copper at 80.0 degree C. The other block has a mass of 70.0g and is origionally at a temperature of 100degree C. the entire system stabalizes at a final temerature of 20degree C. Determine the specific heat of the unknown sample.

    I know that for general cases;
    Q(water) = -Q(x) Where x is the substance put into the water
    mcdeltaT(water) = - mcdeltaT(x)

    My first question is: Does the fact that the calorimeter is made of aluminum affect the Q(calorimeter) part, which is Q(water) in my previous equation? If it does, any hints on how. I think I have to add the masses, but im unsure about the specific heat part.

    My other question is: How do I deal with two objects being put into the water?

    Any help is appreciated.
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    The aluminum warms up with the rest of the system. You will need to include it in your heat transferr calculations.
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    The water, copper, and aluminum have known masses and specific heats (you may have to look them up). The only unknown is the specific heat of the unknown sample.
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    Can i use the equation;

    Q(calorimeter) + Q(water) = Q(Block 1) + Q(Block 2)

    Then solve for the specific heat capacity of block 2?
    Is it correct to add them like This?
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    Yes. Since the final temperature attained is 20 deg C, the calorimeter and water gains heat energy while the 2 blocks lose energy.
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