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Always abstract?

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    always abstract???

    things are really very abstract in algebra as its name.But it would be nicer to learn some applications especially to physics
    apperently there are applications about groups but i could not find anything related to rings ideals etc.
    discussing the applications would make it more meaningfull at least for me

    thanks in advance
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    matt grime

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    Read jon baez's this weeks finds. there are too many things to talk about here, and we have no idea what you do and do not understand. for instance does the phrase: a topological quantum field theory is esseentially a monoidal category with a functor to a category of riemann surfaces and cobordisms mean anything to you? i suspect not; it means little to me.

    the group applications are an application of rings (the group ring) and lie algebras are used in physics, you look at the ring of operators on a hilbert space, rings occur everywhere because matrices are rings.
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