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    Hi all,
    Obvious new here and have been reading some of the threads.
    Amazing the amount of knowledge here.
    No degree here, but did college level courses up to calculus, physics, electronics.
    I have been a lead mechanic in a large district heating and cooling plant for the last 25 years.
    We have12,000 tons of refrigeration, 3 steam boilers rated to 240 mlb/hr.
    We run condensing and back pressure turbines, 41KV motors to 2000 hp, and everything else
    needed to run a plant.
    I just made a lateral move to Lead Operator and get to mentor plant Operators / Operating Engineers.
    I am currently pushing them to learn / review engineering units, math, basic algebra, physics,
    and control logic. I will definitely have questions to ask in the forums, and hope maybe my practical side
    can combine with your theoretical side to answer my questions and maybe yours.
    Hope to see you in the forums.
    PGH. PA.
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    Suraj M

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    Welcome to PF, Dennis. Hope to see you around.:)
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