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Am I a sheep or a crackpot?

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    http://arxiv.org/PS_cache/arxiv/pdf/0812/0812.0537v1.pdf [Broken]
    An amusing paper by Martın Lopez-Corredoira, a post-doc at the Instituto de Astrofísica, Tenerife:
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    Haha - yes I saw this on astro-ph today and had a bit of a chuckle!
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    I also couldn’t help draw a wry smile at some of the comments in the article, but assume that the author also wanted to make a few serious points along the way!
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    I am sure there is a disconnect, between thoughts that want to know more, and thoughts that just want to keep a job, i want to know more ,and i rely on (you lot) for answers,
    at present it seems to me that (you lot) just want to hang on to your jobs, and hang the truth.
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    To my way of thinking, (you lot) hide behind what you think is is the purity of maths, to my mind it is the biggest liar of the history of mankind.
    Concerning cosmology.
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    this is probably similar to the problem where most physicists have their most productive years before 30, after 30 when you have a wife and kids a house etc. funding concerns and jobs take precidence, and you can't explore non-mainstream options as easily
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    i had a sort of revelation a few years ago living in **********, where i came to learn that many a gainfully employed physicist tinkers with ideas that would get censored here. i even found that some of their projects get sponsored by rather well-established institutions like nasa. one rather interesting guy i met, who probably thought i was just another yokel, couldn't contain the enthusiasm for his project (an apparent new source of energy). he resisted the urge to completely let the cat out of the bag, but it was obvious to me he was talking about ZPE.

    i must say, i have a soft spot in my head for "crackpots". they are seldom right, but when they are, beautiful things happen.
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