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Am I a sociopath?

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    I honestly don't feel any empathy towards people who die from obesity or any type of stupid decisions on their part. I see it is as natural selection taking it's course. I do empathize with handicapped people, but it's not like I actually care about them in any sense of the word; it's just that imagine who much I'd hate to be them. There are few people in the world who I actually care about. I like hanging out with my friends and encouraging them, but deep down I'm rooting for their failure that I like being relatively successful to everyone around me. I also don't care what goes on in the world as long as it doesn't effect me. If Iran starts a nuclear war in the Middle East, I would give zero ****s and in fact I'd enjoy following the news from the battlefront.

    And no, this isn't a troll thread. I'm 100% serious about everything above.
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    Seek professional help if it concerns you.
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