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Am I allowed to

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    Am I allowed to "bump" my question up to the top (at least, after a reasonable amount of time has passed, to avoid spam) so that people will take notice and help me?
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    Re: Bump

    I'd be ok with one bump.
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    Re: Bump

    Okay, thanks.
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    Re: Bump

    You should have waited about 5 days to make that post.
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    Re: Bump

    does that apply to posts in threads? what if one would like to "bump" his post up to a certain order among posts, is that possible?

    just asking, no interest :biggrin:
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    Re: Bump

    You can't change the order of posts inside a thread.

    As for bumping threads, I personally consider it acceptable only after at least a week, and the thread has scrolled off the bottom of the first page of the forum's thread list.
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