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Am I being too stereotypical?

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    So for the people who have looked at my profile it says, "I am Asian." Yes, I am an Asian male. (Haha)

    I have been always more interested in Caucasian woman instead of any other race (this is changing since the other woman I am sort of interested in is Asian as well). Ever since I was old enough to date girls I have always had thing for white woman, but for some reason it was difficult to date them because I have felt like white woman prefer white men. Is this true?

    I have dated a few white girls before. It was quite nice.:smile: I smile when I see a mix of two races together especially when it's a white woman with an Asian man. (Haha) My employer is a white male who is married to an Asian woman. He keeps on trying to persuade me to date Asian woman because they're supposedly the "best." Same goes with my coworker, he too is a Caucasian male who wants to marry an Asian woman.

    My buddy who lives in Texas is Asian. He really likes white woman too, but when he tries to make the moves towards white woman he gets rejected. Do woman assume we are nerdy and talk weird? (Hahaha) I don't have a ascent nor am I nerdy. I have grown up with white parents and siblings, was adopted from Korea.

    I have tried initiated other races as well like Hispanic woman and woman from India, but for some reason those white woman have always drawn my attention.
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    D H

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    Women will reject you. They will reject you even if you have the looks of Brad Pitt, the wealth of Bill Gates, and the mind of Neil de Grasse Tyson. The only way they won't reject you is if you don't try. Don't be afraid of rejection. Just don't be a jerk about how you approach women.
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    Since you grew up here with white parents you're clearly American. However, I think any Asian looking man might be suspected at first of having attitudes toward women that are considered old fashioned. A lot of second generation Asians act American, but were brought up by parents from the original country with traditional attitudes. That might be one factor.
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    I guess rejection can be a good thing, huh? I guess approaching when woman takes time and is a skill once can learn?
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    True, I can see this playing out to be one factor. Some how I need to tell woman that I grew up here in America with white parents maybe that will make all the difference.

    Here is a funny story, a little off topic... One day I was going to meet my parents for dinner at Old Chicago Pizza in town. My parents are there waiting for me to show up. I walk in ask the cute host (she was pretty) that I am here meeting some people for dinner. She points towards a table in the bar with a large group of Asian people... In my mind I laugh and think to myself, "Really she thinks I am with those "Asian" people? ' Come on you got to be kidding me!" I shook my head telling her that I am with a different group of people.
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    OKCupid did a study a while back about the reply rate of its site members based on the races of the sender and recipient of messages. They did find that white women reply to white men the most.
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    George Jones

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    What about the other way around?
    They have the right idea. :wink:
    Isn't India in Asia? :confused:

    But seriously, why limit yourself?
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    Yes, India is in Asia!

    Why limit myself? I am not limiting myself like I said in one of my other post I am interested in an Asian woman.
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    Nobody knows why we are attracted to a certain type. I like Asian women. I like petite women. I don't like a lot of makeup. I quit worrying about why a long time ago.
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