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Am i completly wrong ?

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    i will write down some stuff here which onr night i wrote down while stoned ..lol

    understanding is a complete fail ? i have no knowledge except what i seen on tv .. after few hours what i wrote down isnt making any sense to myself .... where did i even find those words :lol:

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    To fathom Hell or soar angelic, just take a pinch of psychedelic

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    Will the philosophy forum take this thread?
    Not sure where psychedelic OP’s should be moved to. Homework?
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    "The common descriptive treatments can lead too easily to vain and foolish speculation by students who have been carried over their heads by excellent and persuasive prose"

    - William Burke
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    Lee Smolin has suggested black holes may form new universes in such a manner. He further speculates the parameters of our universe have been optimized to produce black holes via 'cosmic natural selection'. It's an interesting idea.
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    thanks Chronos , its nice to know what i have written down that night isnt a complete fail .. and i guess i like to learn more about smolin's universe , which i havent heard of before

    exactly what i had in my mind :D
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    I take it you made up that user name while stoned too... :tongue2: Is a hobbist like a hobbit?
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    yea i guess so , but it was supposed to be hobbyist .. typo under the influence mate :D
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    i think dark energy travels faster than light itself ... otherwise how far would the first light from a singualrity go to ? errrrrr
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