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Am I crazy?

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    I was orginally going to finish classes this summer and apply for graduate school for next Fall, but due to dissapointing gre scores I am considering delaying my application for another year.

    This will let me prepare for the general gre and I will be able to take QM II and CM II before taking the physics gre.

    I figure instead of taking those summer classes, I would try to do research at a goverment lab or reu program (though these only last for the summer). Then come back to school in the spring and finish up my requirements (which will just be some engineering courses, since I'm a dual degree major in EE & physics).

    I ask if I'm crazy, because even with dissapointing gre scores I could still get into a descent school, but this way I would almost definitely get into my top choice. Plus it might be a good break from school and I'd probably learn some useful tips from other researches, as well as gain more insight into what field of physics I want to go into.

    So, am i crazy?
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    Any chance I'll be looked down upon, since I will be a 5 year student?

    Also, anyone have any ideas what I could do during the fall semester? Seems all the research opportunities only last through the summer.
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    I want to go into neuroscience to make bc-i that will increase my learning capacity so I can create a drug that will give me immortality.. am i crazy?
    You seem ok to me..
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    :rofl: AHAHAHAHAH OH DEAR GOD, is that website for real?!?!? Those rings look more like brass knuckels to beat up the fools that pay this guy money!:rofl:
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    I guess I should of used a more serious title to this thread...
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    Will your school allow you to get credit for working an internship for the semester? Then you could have time to study for your Gre, while getting the experience you want.
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    That's what I planned on doing anyway--studying for the GRE, while getting experience. The credit is irrevelent. I don't really need the credit. I would just have to pay for tuition cost, anyway.
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