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Am I creating a thread about myself ...

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    And that was a question, unless read aloud as if it were not, something my welcome links asked me not to do here, specifically ... and a rather narcisistic and possibly horrible idea at that. Aye, my name is Infinite123Lifer and I am making a poor run of it already.

    Noted: This is the no question zone.

    I think I am supposed to hit the create thread button now, but I am not exactly 100% on that ... yeah I am leaning 75-25, please do not have my head if creating a thread about ... this ... is infuriarating.
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    Thank you ... I think possibly, yes, thank you for welcoming me.
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    You sent me an emoticon as thank you Greg Bernhard ... I should have some sort of link installed here by the link installers to send you sir to a page to verify that you are not a robot, which i hear is becoming increasingly difficult to determine these days.
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    For instance just today, I happened across a site asking me to click a box if I was not a robot. So I clicked, but I wondered if the right robot would ... just lie at that point ... and choose to click the I am not a robot box, and if so what did the robot think. These are my guesses

    I am a chicken crossing a road

    I am the robot fooooool

    Humans and their check in boxes

    I will show you not being a robot

    Whatever is this annoying box I cannot pass ... oh wait cl cl cliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick ... that was easy

    My name is technically NOT A ROBOT
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    Thank you.
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