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  1. My eye prescription is gradually increasing, two years are I was 3.5 in both eyes now I am a 4? Will this eventually converge so that I remain at a constant prescription?
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    What??? "Eye prescription"? What does "3.5"or "4" measure? And the really important question- what does this have to do with "topology and analysis"?
  4. I am really sorry I decided to use the app for this post, I shall try and rectify the issue. (It was intended for general discussion.)
    The unit measurement is diopter. As I am nearsighted the reading is -4 in both eyes.
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    Have you brought this up with your ophthalmologist?
  6. If I must be quite honest, at the time I didn't think of the bigger picture. I shall book an appointment tomorrow!
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    Good idea! Keep us updated
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    How old are you? I'm very nearsighted myself. As I recall, my prescription gradually became stronger while I was still growing, then stabilized around age 20. This was many years ago, so I don't remember the exact timeline. But definitely consult your ophthalmologist to find out whether your situation is normal or whether something else is going on.
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