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Am I making sense?

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    Am I making sense???

    I'm a bit confused and want to clear this up. I haven't read this anywhere I'm just trying to put it together through what I know.

    Color (light), is radiation of photons at certain frequencies within the visible light wavelenghts. The emission of the photons is due to the aplied energy of the sun (or light) on that certain object/particle, and the different frequencies (colors) of the emited photons is due to the specific quantized energy of each particle object/particle (different quantum numbers n).
    In other words, a somewhat constant energy of light or heat mixed with a specific quantized energy of an atom, releases photons at different frequencies, making gold the yellowish color it is.

    I have really no clue if I'm right with this, and I thought I'd ask you guys.
    Am I making sense??? LOL
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    That does make sense. Actually, and I'm being completely honest, I sent an e-mail to one of my professors the other night saying the exact same thing you did, just in different words. I'm researching photons and such right now and am curious to know if you have any other thoughts on the other known subatomic particles. :biggrin:
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    Thanks ZeAsYn51, ya I do have a similar question. When light is emitted (using the sun's energy), is it the heat that does the job, or the light of the sun?

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    I'm not quite sure what you mean by "get the job done", Ty. If you're asking what causes the photon to shoot out from the sun, it's just an electron that changed energy levels and "excited" (I guess you could say) the photon to move. The photon travels through space and collides with objects which causes illumination that is taken in by our eyes. The waves in which photons travel have both constructive and destructive interfereance, if they interact with other waves, and create different wavelengths of light. But to answer your question, it is simply the energy of the electron that excites the photon into action.
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    Am moving this to General Physics ... the questions are about light and colour in general (and the physics thereof, not the biology!)
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