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Am I on the right path?

  1. Aug 18, 2011 #1
    Hey Guys,

    I've browsed this forum occasionally in my spare time, but it is only now that I register in hopes that one of you could help me, and perhaps guide me along.

    I've just finished High School, and I did rather well. I finished second in my year, and first for Physical Science, and second for Mathematics. However, when it came to deciding upon what to study, I really hit a crossroads.

    I happen to be very multifaceted, and as such I went from Engineering, to BSocSci, to Law, to BSocSci and Law, until I finally came full circle and ended up back in Engineering.

    I think I could really enjoy Engineering, as I enjoy learning how things work, be it physics or electronics, just as much as I enjoy literature and philosophy. I think what sums it best, is that ultimately I love knowledge.

    At the moment I'm even designing a system to automate the problem areas of where I work :)

    One of my passions when I was younger, and more immature, was the Military and all things related to it. I still get that jolt from things of that nature, but I've lost the "Lets be Special Forces and combat is awesome aspect.

    So, I was thinking of tentatively aiming to merge these two aspects of me in a career in the Arms industry, designing cutting edge military technology, such as planes or vehicles, weaponry etc etc.

    On that note, would a bachelors in Mechanical Engineering be a good start? And beyond that, to anyone with experience in this regard, how would being a foreigner affect employment opportunities in this field? I'm South African for the record, and I would love to be involved in DARPA/Skunkworks type of operations.

    I also have ambitious financial goals, and with Engineering, i've read that around 50 - 60 K USD is the average for early in career, leading up to just under 100 k later on. Does this sound correct? Money is not the most important thing to me in a career, as I plan to expand upon my base salary via investments and side businesses.

    Establish my empire :)

    Sorry for the verbose post, I just could really do with some sound boarding with people who have been there and done that.

    Any comments would be appreciated :)
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