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Am I on the right track?

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    Proof for that Einsteins singularity theory was wrong:

    If the universe from the beginning was a singularity, it did not only spread over space instantly, but also kept the same temperature doing this, cause it's said we might observe big bang one day, and thereby it happened there at the same time as here. We would also be in the middle.

    Since every point can be seen as an origo in a neverending space, the universe is a net. What else can it be?

    Lets say that the net in the beginning were in c, cause all stringtheorists must agree on that.

    Looking closer, we see that there are only ins and outs in the vibration, like in a feather. All with me there?

    What if the ins could not become outs but moved vice versa, this would explain Heisenberg's uncertainty principle.

    Boblock's sink-source equations should cover why ins attracts outs via the electromagnetic force. The rest has been revealed by those stringphysicists.

    What do you think so far; am I on the right track?
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    The universe did not spread. It inflated. We are not in the middle, and the big bang occured at every position in the universe. The CMB has also not maintained the same "temperature".
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    What's the CMB?

    I ment the temperature registered at a constant timedistance from Big Bang.

    My point is (among others) that we are not in the middle of the universe.
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    CMB: Cosmic Microwave Background

    Essentially, residual radiation from the Big Bang, from which we can calculate a temperature. What other "temperature registered" could you mean?
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    The temperature inside the big bang, T/(4qr2bb).

    q = pi.
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    nuff said.

    As i recall theories of a big bang singularity have been alrgely discarded, i remember hawking discarding his PhD research on the subject. But not sure.
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    Agreed. Sariaht, clearly before you can rewrite our theories on how the universe works, you must first understand what it is you are endeavouring to overturn and the evidence that supports it. Otherwise, you're just spinning your wheels in place.
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