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Am I screwed?

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    Hey forum, I just failed 3 tests in 3 separate courses—Stats., Actuarial Maths., and a philosophy course (last one was kinda the prof.'s fault but whatever)—at my university.

    This might have something to do with the facts that 1) this semester marks my return from taking last semester off and 2) I got behind at the beginning of the semester because of laziness and personal issues.

    I'm usually a pretty good student (I have a current GPA of 3.6 as a Maths. and Phil. double major) and have never had to recover from a situation like this. I can't really afford to drop anything either as I am trying to get back on track after missing last semester.

    I have made all As and Bs in college thus far but it looks like I might not be able to keep that up. Mathematically speaking I can still do well this semester but I'd like to see if anyone has had it this bad or worse and how they ended up.
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    If you can do better, then do better. Salvage the remainder of the courses and get the best grade that you can. Your situation is certainly fixable, but you'll certainly be screwed if you don't fix it.
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    Had an F for mid-term 2 semesters ago and finished the course with a B/- don't remember. Falling behind = #1 you should NEVER allow to happen to you in college. Print it in your head that you only have 1/2 options:

    [1] stay with the class
    [2] go ahead of the class

    no third options here chief.

    Advice / solution:
    Let the past be the past. Forget about the bad grades, look at your syllabus and start studying for the next chapter(s) and move on from there. Always take advantage of any chance to get ahead of the class ex, no h.w. this week in a course, use that time to get ahead.

    Now, in some courses all the information carries on to the next topic so you might need to give up your next 2-3 week-ends to learn the stuff you fell behind in.

    Aside form that you will be okay.
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    Good advice.

    I was big into partying/other distracting stuff at the beginning of college. Somehow I made good grades, but now that classes are harder, I'm struggling more—even though I'm not making the same mistakes as before. Guess the laziness is the hardest habit to break.
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    Don't worry about it, bro. You learn from those mistakes and they make you better. My academic story is similar to yours except I didn't make good grades when I was fooling around first year. GL!
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