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AM i the only person that finds this weird?

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    amazon.com sells items like milk, cookies, etc. i mean, the prices are equal or higher than what you would pay at your grocery store that's 5 minutes from your house.

    why would people buy this stuff online.

    also i was looking at a milk product i bought today. it was one of those milks made without hormones. and it said ''made without hormones'' then it said that there is no big difference between milk made with or without hormones. so it basically was saying that its n better than the hormones milk. did the FDA regulations require that be there I've seen it on a few.
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    There are people who get everything delivered, and I guess that would be a really good thing for a shut-in. Some things I can understand people buying on Amazon that are carried in regular grocery stores if YOUR grocery store doesn't carry it. There are things that are really easy to find in the stores around you in NJ that are not easy to find in stores in other states. A lot of it isn't important and you can go without, but once in a while, you get a craving for something that reminds you of home, so sure, I can then see buying it online. I used to have a few favorite brands of things like mustard that I could NOT find in regular grocery stores in MI, only in the super-pricey whole foods store, but they were stocked on the regular shelves of grocery stores like Shop-Rite in NJ. I used to stock up when I visited home for the holidays. Now, if I really got desperate, I could just order it online (though, the stores here carry some of those brands now, just not all in one store).

    As for the labeling on the milk cartons, yes, that's FDA regulations. That was a big gimmick for a while to label everything as "no hormones," even though it made absolutely no difference in the actual milk you got. You'll see the same thing on chicken packages...they have in big letters "Not Fed Hormones or Antibiotics" or something like that, and then they have to put in the fine print "It's illegal to feed hormones and antibiotics to chickens," or something like that. A bunch of companies had been hoodwinking the general public into thinking their food was all bad for them and only their "specially marketed" food was good for them, when it was exactly the same thing everyone else was selling...could have even come from the same farm. All that does is drive up prices.
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