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AM I WRONG! I'am Pissed!

  1. Apr 23, 2007 #1
    Okay, I am sorry if my title is little too aggressive but that's just how I feel about what happened during my statistics test. The test was long and hard. In the middle of the test, professor said if you're behind time, go little faster and don't worry too much about computing numbers. Obviously, it is better to go over all the problems(there were three) than finishing one completely. When I was done solving one problem, 30 minutes already past and now just 20 more minutes to go. So I said to myself, okay, now I will spend 10 minutes each to rest of the problems. To do that, I will have to compensate detail calculations and checking, but just keep write down to the point where I can get enough partial credits. So I carried out exactly I planned it. No problem. And then the time was up, instead of start collecting the paper, professor said she will give us 10 more minutes if that's what everybody want to do and unless there's people who have to leave. So there was a brief moment of students looking at each other to see if anybody reject her offer.

    I rejected it. I politely told her that I have to leave.

    I thought I did the right thing. The test was promised to be given for 50 minutes only. I planned the test for 50 minutes. If I knew I that I had 10 more minutes, I could have fixed my mistakes all along the test. But obviously, when we were all leaving out of class, I could see couple (or many) students were upset and looked at me like I killed their dog. But I am sure some of us had to leave the class anyway for the next class.

    The class has no absolute grading system. Everything will be curved. So either way it didn't really matter. Then why am I so pissed?

    I am pissed because there were students who were pissed at me. Frankly, I didn't think that people would get mad at me. I must have thought that they must share my logic when I decided to rejected extra 10 minutes. So now I am not really sure if what I did was selfish act. I don't want to be a selfish gunner so I am really pissed for what I did. As you can see, I am confused. I feel like I became a scapegoat. Professor should never have offered such extra time. She should have known better.

    Blame me or support me, I just wanna hear what you have done in such case.
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    Well, from the way you say that if you had accepted the offer of an extra ten minutes, then you would have been able to correct some of the errors in your paper, then I would probably have said nothing and taken the extra time; but that's just my personal answer!

    Besides, this can't be a very important test as the teacher wouldn't be allowed to just add extra time at the end if she wanted to. I wouldn't worry about your classmates being pissed with you; someone else will do something tomorrow for them to get annoyed with and they'll forget about why they were pissed with you!
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    i've seen someone get mad because one guy was answering all the questions, whatever you do don't come across as too smart or you'll get the wrath of everyone else in the class. i can picture eveyone elses face get red as one guy gets done before everyone else :rofl:

    in bizzaro land (school) if you excel to much you'll have to pay for it socialy.

    if your good at anything hide it.
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    Well, if I was taking an exam, and the professor said, i'll give you an extra 10 mins (my eyes would light up, I could finally double check or finish that problem I wasn't 100% sure on) and then hearing a follow student reject the extra time, trying to screw me out of my grade I would get pissed.

    Because it doesn't matter if its logical or not, its cheating the other students of extra time to fix their little mistakes they made because they might not have planned it out like you did.

    If you didn't want the extra 10 mins you could have just gave the professor the exam and left without saying anything.

    Heres my theory:
    The reason your upset is, you planned better than the other students, but given that extra 10 mins, you wouldn't be able to modify your version of your answers to give you those extra points, but instead you probably would have messed yourself up worse if you did try to do the actual calculations or it would just be too messy/crammed with words and numbers to make any sense or you thought well I followed what the professor said so now here is my reward.

    But the students who did do the actual calculations, that extra 10 mins probably gave them the advantage over you.

    But without the 10 mins you had the advantage over them.

    But thats just my theory!

    As the above poster said, you can't act like a know it all either, or you will be disliked. It happens in all classes/schools.

    I don't like this kid in one of my comp sci classes who asks every single question in the world, trying to outsmart the professor even though his questions have no relevance or his solutions he thinks are right don't make any sense.
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    :tongue2: wonder what the professor thinks?
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    I think you need to lighten up a little bit; it's just a test.

    - Warren
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    That's probably the single worst piece of advice I've ever heard. What's the point in putting on an act and pretending you're someone else? Even if then more people like you, they aren't going to like you are they? They're going to like some fake version of you that pretends they're someone else because they're too scared of what people think :rolleyes: .

    I agree with this-- but there's a big difference between being good at something and being a know it all.
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    HungryChemist, I would have done what you did. Everyone knew the test duration from the start and planned their work accordingly so nobody has any justifiable complaint. Changing the allocated time at the last minute rewards sloppy planners at the expense of good planners. Ignore critics, don't make their problems your own.
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    It probably won't matter in a week. You did what you thought was right so just let it be.
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    It doesn't matter what you planned for, there was a chance for an extra ten minutes for everyone. I'm assuming that everyone had only planned the test to last 50 minutes, that doesn't mean that they wouldn't welcome the extra time. If you could have spared the extra ten minutes and you were the only one to reject it, I have to agree that was selfish. It sounds like you were thrown by the offer of extra time that you hadn't expected. Don't be so rigid.

    What I don't understand is why the teacher had an "all or none" policy. Why should everyone suffer for one person?
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    ERRRRRNNNNNNN WRONG.. You should have used those 10 minutes.

    No, you knew you had those 10 minutes when she told you, and you decided to give them away. Now you can only blame yourself.

    If I finish an exam 10 mins early and we get 10 mins, Ill stay an extra 20 mins just to look over stuff because I can.

    Wow, if someone screwd me over for an extra 10 mins on the exam, Id stand next to the person and talk to my friend out loud and say something like "what an F'in idiot that guy is", so everyone can hear me. Thats just messed up man.
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    I don't understand what you had to lose if you accepted the extra 10 minutes.
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    I guess the prof was trying to be fair that if someone had another place to be and couldn't spend 10 extra minutes, they weren't penalized if everyone else was able to stay. And, if you really had to be somewhere (i.e., your next class) then the offer of an extra 10 min really wasn't helpful or fair to you, nor was it fair to put you in that position. The professor should have spent the time writing a test of appropriate length for the time allotted rather than expecting students to stay longer...not everyone can stay.
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    The advantage of being well prepared for the test, I am not saying it made it right, but that is probably why he did it.
  16. Apr 23, 2007 #15
    Unless he had an exam in the next class, he should have been 10 mins late to it. :rolleyes:
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    Who's to say the others weren't well prepared? For all his "preparedness", he wasn't anywhere near through. Other's might have been much closer to being finished than he was and the extra ten minutes could have really helped.
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    And if the material covered in that 10 min appeared on the exam for that class? That's unreasonable to expect students to have to miss 10 min of their next class because of poor planning on the prof's part. He should just grade on a scale at this point knowing nobody had time to complete it.
  19. Apr 23, 2007 #18
    I disagree 100%. I am late to class all the time and I dont fail exams. You're just not missing anything in the first 10 mins of class that you cant make up very very easily reading the book.

    He was given a gift. Unless he had another exam, theres really no excuse. Thats why there is a book and a syllabus.

    I've missed a week of class this semester for one of my classes and Im not behind. I was too tired to go, so I stayed home and slept . He can miss 10 minutes.
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  20. Apr 23, 2007 #19
    Yes, if it is graded on a scale then I believe that it is not that bad, If it is not, then it would not be fair, but is the prof's fault, not the student.
  21. Apr 23, 2007 #20
    What do you mean its not the professors fault? The fact that they didnt get extra time is his fault, not the professors.

    Anyway, I'd be fuming if someone in the class gave away my extra time like that.

    Oh well, now its over...but I wouldnt ask anyone in your class for help on anything anymore. You just shot yourself in the foot point blank with a cannon.
  22. Apr 23, 2007 #21
    Nobody was cheated out of anything. Results are graded on a curve. The test happened exactly as everyone knew it would. There was nothing to gain by changing the parameters at the last minute. What will be changed next time? Way to keep a class off balance. The prof screwed up by dangling this under the class' nose.
  23. Apr 23, 2007 #22
    Yes there was, a gain of 10 minutes to do more work. No one said they were sitting there clueless. He clearly said he could have done it if he had those 10 mins.

    He had everything to gain and nothing to lose.
  24. Apr 23, 2007 #23
    You do understand how tests measure the relative knowledge of various students against each other, right?
  25. Apr 23, 2007 #24
    You know that I dont care how I measure realtive to others right? I just care that I show that I know the material. The 10 mins shows that, because I would have had the time to do so.

    I dont care if everyone else gets an A or a C. I care about *my* grade.
  26. Apr 23, 2007 #25
    That's the purpose of a test graded on a curve.
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