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Am not listed as a member

  1. Oct 8, 2011 #1
    I am not listed as a member, although I have made 2 posts. Anyone know of an explanation for this, and how to fix it? I've searched this forum for help but failed to find any info.

    This is the page I should appear on, but don't:

    https://www.physicsforums.com/memberlist.php?&order=asc&sort=username&page=1033 [Broken]

    Neither does another name I often use on forums (skylark). When I tried to register here I was told it belonged to someone else. An invisible person, clearly.

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    Welcome to PF.
    I definitely remember a "Skylark" who isn't you. He was here not long ago, and had hundreds or even thousands of posts.
    The only thing that I can think of is that the member list might not be an automatic function of the site. (The alphabetical list sure isn't.) If that's the case, someone in Administration has to spend a great deal of time manually entering the information. People are very busy these days, and such a thing is not a priority.
    My advice is to keep posting and people wil come to recognize you whether or not you show up on any lists.
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    D H

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    Just because you don't show up in that list doesn't mean you aren't a member. There are many people who register with PhysicsForums but never make any posts that count (posts outside of the PF Lounge). To keep the list of members down to a somewhat reasonable size, the list does not show users who have made less than five such posts.
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    Thanks, DH! Got to get to 5 posts, then. Not sure I can edit the subject line to say 'solved' but I will try.

    Thanks to Danger, too (remind me not to fly with you *-}) - the Skylark riddle has an explanation too.
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    You have a member page:


    and as DH mentioned, lists shown on the members pages are limited - with over 350k users they would be ridiculously large.
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    You know, you're the 2nd or possibly 3rd person in the history of PF who understood my signature without having it explained. I must assume, therefore, that Skylark refers to the Cessna as opposed to the bird. So, must I try to figure out the riddle, or will you just PM me the solution. (Keep in mind that I'm both old and intoxicated, so solving things isn't my forte.)
    People sometimes ask me where I get my ideas for humourous comments. One just occurred a minute ago. I made a potentially embarrassing typo, which I caught in my initial checklist. It jumped out at me as something that I should perhaps try to copyright (which would be a waste of time and money, since Greg owns everything that I post on PF).
    Anyhow, I type like a demon, but sometimes transpose things with similar finger movement from one hand to the other due to being ambidextrous. One of my major "oops" things is typing "d's" instead of "k's" and verse visa. So... I noticed in checking the foregoing paragraph that I had typed "Skylard". That immediately brought to mind the saying "If pigs could fly..."; would that be an appropriate term for them?
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    Sounds light and airy for cooking. Of course, if pigs could fly, our reality would shift dramatically. Think of all the "if pigs could fly" syllogisms that have been labeled as true.
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    If pigs could fly, umbrella makers would rule the world.
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    I wonder how long it would take the Japanese to abandon their paper parasols. :devil:
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    verse visa --> vice versa
  12. Oct 26, 2011 #11
    For those who are new here, what does it mean to be listed as a "member"?

    Maybe I'll find out after I post this, which will be my first post, although not my first attempt at a post... does anyone else find this site difficult for new users?
  13. Oct 26, 2011 #12


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    You are a member because you have registered and can post here.

    As noted in an earlier post in this thread, you will appear in the list of members (https://www.physicsforums.com/memberlist.php [Broken]) only after you have made at least five posts outside of the "PF Lounge" section. This has no effect on your actual status here. It's just a way to keep the displayed list to a manageable size.
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