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Stargazing Amateur Astrophotography

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    I saw this mentioned in a few threads, and I thought, seeing as I just inherited a 2nd hand digital camera from my dad, maybe I should give it a go. Any tips for a beginner?

    I guess I should get a tripod. My camera is an Olympus SP-55OUZ with manual settings and 18x optical zoom. It's a half-decent machine, apparently, but my expertise is about zero, I haven't owned a camera before.

    I'm in Melbourne, Australia by the way, in case location is important, there's a fair nothern hemisphere bias on his forum I think. :)
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    Lots of good info here:

    I do a bit of astrophotography myself, for some basic advice to get you started:
    High ISO, Long shutter exposures, low F stop, on a tripod. Don't be afraid to play around with things and see what happens.
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    It pays to check the appropriate sub-forum, thanks for the link. :)
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