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Amazing card trickery

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    I've watched a tutorial for the first one but can't find it. It involves a very thin string and some wax to attach it to the top of the card.
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    Second one looks like a really bad video edit.
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    Agreed, but the first one looks pretty cool. Not sure if it is an edit or a real trick.
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    Yeah I kind of picked the wrong video there.
    His other card tricks are cool though..

    Thanks for the explanation though.
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    Ok don't tell anyone. I have this trick. Magician’s invisible thread and wax. The Gimmick is attached to your waist. It takes about 2 minutes to set the trick up. You can use business cards or playing cards. The trick is great because you can take a business card from anyone and start twirling in less then a second. Cost is $20.00 dollars. You have to order extra wax. It does take a little practice but you can perform the trick just a few feet from anyone they can't see the thread.
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    Thats neat. For the first one you can tell that it is attached to a string and he moves it. Even when he goes the other way it is touching his thumb to bring it back. I don't get how he does the first or last swoop over it and under it though?
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    I mentioned a gimmick. You really don't need it, magician wax, invisible thread and scotch tape. Roll the wax in a ball attach it to the thread and card. Attach the other end of the thread to scotch tape then stick it behind your ear. "Wellah" you have a floating card for less then $5.00 dollars. Check this video. he has a gimmick and it's attached to his waist.

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