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Amazing video

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    It would be helpful for you to provide some basic description of the content. Links to Youtube are too often the source of "joke" videos.
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    Well, one was the classic superconducting magnet experiment, the other a plasma light (think: neon sign), so start with the Wik links for those two concepts.
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    The first experiment is -as russ watters has already pointed out- just a demonstration of the Meissner effect using a type II superconductor (albeit without a spacer, they must have repeated the experiment a few times before they managed that, I am rarely that lucky), the liquid they are pouring in the white cup in the video is liquid nitrogen.
    You can quite buy "Meissner kits" that consists of a piece of YBCO superconductor (the black block in the video) and a strong permanent magnet. Then all you need is some liquid nitrogen which is usually fairly easy to get hold of. You can buy these kits from e.g. Can Superconductors.
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