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Amazon kindle compatability

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    If anyone has an amazon kindle, how does it handle math text, say from lecture notes. I've been told that you need to convert it from pdf. Does anyone know how it looks after it has been converted? Is it legible? What about textbooks that are in pdf format?
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    From what I know it depends on the Kindle version - earlier models needed pdf converter. The one I bought few weeks ago displays pdfs without a need for conversion, and displays them correctly (at least those I checked - including textbooks and papers with some math formulas). But reading pdfs is a PITA - while they are displayed correctly, they are displayed too small, so you have to rotate them 90 deg to make them more readable, which in turn makes reading clumsy. Judging from the Amazon store there are more and more textbooks sold in Kindle format, these should be much easier to read.
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