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Ambulance noise on computer

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    My computer makes an ambulance like noise every 5 or ten minutes. Any idea what this could be?
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    Can you be more specific?

    Is it coming from your speakers?
    If so, is there a program running in the background?

    If not, is it coming from your PC-speaker, motherboard, or some other hardware component? You might be overheating, having fan problems, or power supply issues.
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    I have had that before!

    I'm no computer expert but I'm pretty sure from experience that this is the sound your computer makes when it's overheating. In the BIOS, you can set the temperature at which you want to be alerted. I personally set it to "just shut up, ok?" and I don't get anoyed anymore. :smile: Just make sure you clean your fans regularily. (Sometimes they become so obsessed with you they forget to shower, :tongue: .)
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    Thats what I thought but I cleaned the computer fans, grills, boards heatsinks ect. And nothing. Still wee eeew wee eew ever ten minutes or so. I uninstalled the find-a-drug program they recommend on the biology section of this site and no more problem. So I recommend another download than that one if you want to try one out. Thanks everyone for your help!
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    Get MBM5 or another temperature display software application which will display your cpu temperature, as well as other sensors around your motherboard. What is your CPU Tempearture and Case TemperatureS? Do you have stock cooling? What CPU do you have, AMD or Intel?

    I ask the above questions to check if it is indeed a temperature problem/overheating.

    So the sound/beep is coming from your internal case speaker? Or from your central speakers? Perhaps your internal speaker is malfunctioning? Try seeing if it is plugged into the right pins on your motherboard, consult your mobo manual for instructions.

    Keep in touch.
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