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Amc 12b #20

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    Let [math]x[/math] be chosen at random from the interval [math](0,1)[/math]. What is the probability that [math][\log_{10}(4x)]-[\log_{10}(x)]=0[/math]?

    Here [math][x][/math] denotes the greatest integer that is less than or equal to [math]x[/math].

    This is multiple choice, but I don't think posting the possibilities are necessary. I would give my input to the problem of course, but I have no idea where to start.
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    First thing to do, for a given integer n work out the values of x where [log_10(x)]=n.

    By the way, you want "tex" in the tags instead of "math".
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    Thanks, and I noticed by mixplaced tags as well. I copied this from my post at a site where the [math] tags are used instead of [ tex ] ones. I can't edit it now though, so if a moderator could that'd be nice.
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