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Amcenthusiast; about me/introduction

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    -unsure but hope I'm posting this in the correct location-
    Hi everybody. As a kid I always wanted to become an automotive designer but also acquired an interest in ice hockey & learned to enjoy the merits of intense competition. I took metal shop in high school and truly enjoyed the class; I still admire that generous teacher and I wish I still had the big fat textbook for a sourcebook in my personal library. I took one course in mechanical engineering in college but I did not like my teacher and switched my major to business marketing. (start and stop/accumulated five years of college) I've been into AMC products for about thirty five years now and learned to defend the reputation of the vehicles by their engineering features, which naturally involves comparison to competitors where there is much marque rivalry. For that reason, many times I may seem to have a rebellious tone in my statements, kicking against the norms in mainstream auto hobby world, but always intending to spark intelligence as a superior replacement for non-scientific rumors and gossip. Personality-wise I consider myself to be unusually mechanically inclined, but somewhat dysfunctional when it comes to creating new high quality human relationships, which I believe is one of my character flaws that definitely needs improvement.
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    Welcome to PF!
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