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AMD 64bit cpu

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    Does anyone here have experience of using an AMD 64bit cpu-based computer?

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    i'm using intel celeron 2.4GHz.
    slow compared to duron
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    A friend of mine recently got an AMD 64bit 3200. If your a windows user, don't even bother getting a 64bit processor. The only place where I see a use for 64bit processors is if your running linux.


    The reason the celeron is slow is because it barely has any onboard cache.
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    I use Windows and Linux both. Thanks for the input.
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    Relating to Windows Operating systems;

    Why wouldn't purchase of a 64-bit system be a 'forward looking' choice?
    MS had provided a free trial download of WinXP to be used with the 64-bit AMD systems (I don't know whether it is still available). 32-bits is definately an improvement over the older 16-bit systems and 64-bits ought to be better still. Even if all your programs remain 32-bit the OS itself would be humming along nicely, wouldn't it?
    Later, as 64-bit programs become availble, you're not stuck with 'outdated' 32-bit technology. Is anything wrong with this thinking?
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    Just that last bit. Very, very few people upgrade their OS on an existing computer. I'm a computer geek and I've only done it once - and on a computer that wasn't my choice to have anyway.
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    Opteron and Athlon 64 - not just 64-bit

    AMD's 64-bit processors also have low memory latency due to their onboard memory controllers.

    AMD's only chips with more than 512k L2 cache are 64 bit. Also, one reason cache enhances performance is the reduction in memory latency it provides (when cache hits are correctly predicted), and AMD's 64-bit processors have - again, due to their onboard memory controllers - about half the non-cache memory latency of AMD's Athlon chips.
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    It doesn't mean you can't though. If Windows were to come out with a 64-bit version soon, you could simply upgrade your software.
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    Right now the 64-bit isn't at the top of it's game. For it to actually run like a 64-bit, Microsoft would have to pullout a new OS and any program would have to be designed for the 64. It's not worth it right now. It needs time.
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    So, the comclusion is "do not invest in AMD 64 bit", Athlon XP or P4 is the best choice.
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