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AMD/ATI merger

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    Source: AMD.com
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    I'm not sure how I feel about this. I do like both companies, but competition the graphics market is starting to get pretty thin and I'm not sure consolidation is going to be a good thing. This should help improve AMD's chipsets, though.
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    I don't care anymore, i think i already bought my last Graphic card since i won't be upgrading to vista, and wont be able to use DX10, which means i wont be able to run the new games, so i wont need to upgrade my card.
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    Agreed. However, it could yield some interesting results in Direct Connect Tecnology. Also, to be honest, I'm hoping Intel joins the "extreme" GPU market, so we will have another contender in the arena. By "extreme", I, of course, mearly mean going beyond integrated graphic cards.
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