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AMD Internships

  1. Jan 5, 2008 #1
    Anyone know when they post their Summer 2008 internship positions? I don't see hardly any at all.

    Intel has a ton posted on their career site. I figured AMD would too, since they are a powerhouse company, as well.
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  3. Jan 6, 2008 #2
    AMD/ATI is doing so horrible now versus Intel. I doubt they would cancel internships/co-ops but if the money is tight who knows. They did just cancel their 2.4 processor right when it was about to be released. But intel is just owning them left and right, in 2009 they already have a 35nm plan.

    Doesn't intel/amd go to your career fairs at all? I've found career fairs get you in the door much faster than online applications.
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  4. Jan 6, 2008 #3
    My uncle tells me Intel is much better than AMD in the long run. But that's just his opinion based on the current trends with AMD vs Intel. I use to be an AMD fanboy but switched over to Intel when they lost their edge.

    It would make sense to hold back some internships/hiring if they are trying to cut their costs. If memory serves me right, their stock prices dropped sharply just recently.
  5. Jan 6, 2008 #4
    Something unrelated, but why are you a fanboy of AMD? You should get the processor in which best suites your purpose. I don't want to get off track, but are you telling me you'd rather buy an AMD when Intel has a comparable chip which is both more cost-effective and greater in performance? (in the days of your AMD fanboyism).

    And nothing against AMD, I just bought one of their processors two weeks ago for my new PC.
  6. Jan 6, 2008 #5
    Yah i'm not sure how fan boys come about, if the price is right and the performance is good thats what i'm buying.

    Sorry to get this off thread topic hah.
  7. Jan 6, 2008 #6
    It's my fault :)
  8. Jan 6, 2008 #7
    Hmmm, internship eh? I live near ABQ and theres a big Intel plant there.
  9. Jan 7, 2008 #8
    Ive applied to Intel. I got one call but for a position that I didn't want. I had to turn it down (to be considered). Hoping they'll call me for other positions.
  10. Jan 7, 2008 #9
    What position was that?

    Are you a Comp Eng or EE?
  11. Jan 7, 2008 #10

    They wanted me for a Spring 08 Co-op.
  12. Jan 7, 2008 #11
    People become fanboys b/c they want a company like AMD to be able to compete with bigboys like Intel. In return, competition arises, prices drop, and better products. And plus, a lot of fanboys are into Overclocking and AMD chips were better OC'ers when I was an AMD fanboy.
  13. Jan 7, 2008 #12


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    What exactly is the difference between Comp Eng and EE?
  14. Jan 7, 2008 #13
    Intel offers great over clocking now, they even have Over clocking conventions now showing how far they can over clock their CPU's that have unlocked multipliers.
    Check this, E8400 @ 5.4 GHZ! This is of course on ice. The processor on air or water would burn up.

    I do agree though, now that AMD is sucking it up, Intel is getting lazy, just like ATI is sucking it up nvidia is really getting lazy. So now they can produce not so great products and jack the prices up and now they don't have to follow their road map now the competition isn't there.

    But I guess thats how business goes, 1 gets lazy and doesn't gets over confident and the other comes back (hopefully).

    Okay back to the topic! XD


    did you want to get a Summer 08 co-op?

    I also wanted to just get a Summer 08 intern so I wouldn't be behind in school but trust me, once you do an 8 month co-op (even if you do get behind a semester its worth it.)

    A lot of my friends didn't do co-ops or didn't want to miss school (I did a summer and fall co-op heading back to school in a few days) and now they are graduating and can't find a job.

    But IBM for sure wants me after graduation (I''m just not sure if I want to work their yet) if Microsoft/Google wants me I'll def. go to them instead. But the really interesting thing my development manager told me is the following:

    They put up JOB ads just to say they did, but in reality all the jobs they posted are already being filled by co-ops. The only way he said a fresh grad who didn't co-op with them is getting a job is if all the co-ops didn't accept the job and they have no one else.

    So keep that in mind, I'm not saying all company's work like that but some do like IBM.


    I use to be a Comp Eng and I know some EE's so I might be able to answer this.
    CE and EE's are close at the start but start to really differ after the 2 years.

    CE will focus on some EE and some Computer Science. (You'll take Signal and Transforms, Circuit Design I and II, you'll also take all the programming courses a comp sci will take at the start, with data structures, etc).

    EE will foucs mainly on EE and some CE as electives. (You might take some computer architecture classes).

    If you can't decided between comp eng or EE but you know you want to do circuit/hardware design then go into EE.
    If you like hardware and programming go into CE.

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  15. Jan 7, 2008 #14
    Interesting stuff there. I don't really have to work for IBM though, since I've interned in the aviation industry already. I will probably be interning with a major defense contractor this summer, doing radar and sonar type work. I've been trying for Intel, and if I get a gig there, I'm going with that. I don't have any preference of what industry really, but perhaps stay on the commercial side, instead of the defense industry.
  16. Jan 7, 2008 #15
    Well it looks like your not in trouble finding a job once you graduate if you already have some experience. Goodluck!
  17. Jan 7, 2008 #16

    I'm guessing you guys weren't much into the world of computer building and aren't high techie enthusiasts. There are a bunch of comp geeks out there that are AMD/Inte/ATI/nvidid/PC/MAC, etc fans. Much like sports fans and how they are always rooting for their teams, nonetheless how they performed (to a limit :tongue2:). Each and every team has their ups and downs. Similar to how AMD and Intel back in the days, in terms of price and performance.

    Try your shot with the other chip computers. They're all pretty much in the same area (San Jose/Santa Clara/Bay Area)
  18. Jan 7, 2008 #17
    I'm a big overclocker, and I remember when AMD was in the lead, I just never purchased an AMD cpu because I didn't have the funds at the time when they were ahead of intel.

    Whoever is doing the latest and greatest is who I'm buying. AMD is so far behind its hard to buy any of their products right now when intel has the same but better. Before AMD had a better CPU and a better price but now AMD doesn't have anything going for them that Intel hasn't already done or is doing better.
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  19. Jan 7, 2008 #18
    You guessed wrong. :)

    And I wish I could ask them the same question I asked above.

    Your analogy doesn't relate in a sense where when we actually buy these PCs, it is for price and performance. When you are loyal to a team, it's simply for entertainment. Should money be involved - you would think otherwise. If your team is on a 10 game losing streak for example, and there's a high probability that they might lose the next game (like all of the other games), will you still continue to bet (bet $, that is) on them if you're an avid gambler?
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